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Electroplating Plant Manufacturer
Electroplating Plants manufactured by us are most dependable and rebust. These electroplating plants are provided in pp & pvc. These plants are installed to carry out plating process. In the plating process metal ions are transported with the use of electric field within solution, resulting in coating of the electrode. Electro Plating Process creates Anti Corrosion layer, increases hardness, high performance.

Some of important equipments is setup of Electroplating Plants are as below.

PP / PVC / FRP Storage Tanks ( Capacity 50,000 Lit ), PP Filter Unit, Automation And Manual Plating Barrel, Hot Air Centrifugal Dryers, Belt type Oil Skimmers, PP Eye Washer Cabin, Multi Stage Cartridge Fitter unit, Centrifugal Blower Cabinet Fan, Sambber Systems, PP / FRP / Tube Axial Fans, PP / PVC / PVDF / FRP Centrifugal Blowers and all other essential equipments, machineries and accessories of the plant.

The plant equipts and accessories are complying high quality norms, durable & cost effective.
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